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Acknowledgements and a sneak preview

December 17, 2009

Have you noticed the new banner picture here at 6512 and growing? In the background, behind the faux-cheerful family, is the Animas River, one of the West’s last undamed rivers. This is where you’ll find us most summer days, scrabbling around the shore, investigating the miraculous triumvirate of sand, water, and sun.  Col digs and builds like he’s on the clock, or at field camp for sand engineers with an emphasis on hydrology. Rose makes sand cupcakes and in her confectionary fever, takes a surprising gritty bite and then looks at me, shocked, with these sad, sandy clown lips. And me? As usual, I’m uttering some variation of  “I’m just so happy to be outside where the kids can play and be happy.”

Yesterday when Sabrina (who also took the previous banner photo of us in the autumn leaves, and is supremely talented) shot this picture, we were such a long, long way away from summer’s sand-a-palooza. If this classic picture had volume you’d hear Col whining about how he was soooo cold and could we please go see the model trains now (which are at the Durango mall until Dec 23rd and totally worth seeing even if only for the chance to hob nob with the old-school train aficionados who can answer any question that sparks in a young train-lover’s mind). And you would have heard me telling Rose “that doesn’t feel good” as she grabbed my face with her lobster claws. Then if you were so cursed to actually hear my thoughts, it was along the lines of “Can these kids just smile sweetly for the damn picture!”

And yes, Col does have a really big forehead; for Christmas he would like some hair.

So, thank you Sabrina (whose own two kids were playing quietly and independently in snow drifts, by the way).


Also, a local reader and Life Coach, Victoria Fitts Milgrim, has a new offering to help moms of kids (any age that are still living at home) to regain their balance and inner sovereignty – it’s called The Breathing Room (  It will meet twice a month as a safe place to let off steam, be yourself, be seen and heard AND listened to.  She will offer coaching tools for staying on your authentic path and remembering who you are – including but also beyond the role of ‘Mother.’


And now, the sneak preview:

If you check in tomorrow I will be explaining what happens around Holiday Season when a girl, raised by a Jew and a Buddhist, co-habitates with a boy raised by a Quaker and a Pagan.

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  1. December 17, 2009 5:07 pm

    I love the sneak preview! sounds sooo familiar to me – our house is a swirling soup of spirituality – a bit of this, a pinch of that and lots of love. Thanks for the mention too.
    Happy Holidaze!

  2. December 18, 2009 5:12 pm

    Oh I will definitely have to return here and devour more of this blog. yum.

    But what I really want to say is that we drove thru the San Juan Mts. this summer, not even knowing they existed (seriously, were like, “oh shit. more altitude sickness.” when we approached.) . . . and fell in love!!!! We want to return and maybe not ever leave. So, I was giddy to see where you lived.

    And, I love the header. Nicely done, Sabrina. :)

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