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The dentist is in

November 27, 2011

~like most dentists, Col prefers a flathead screwdriver~

~elk skull found by Dan yesterday, “cougar-killed,” complete with cat claw marks on bone~

~riddled with cavities, according to the doc~

What a wonderful Thanksgiving break we had. I don’t know how we’re going to return to some semblance of routine and normalcy after all our unscheduled lolling around with no particular reason not to have pecan pie and coffee for breakfast. The only reliable routine in our day has been cracking a beer just as Venus pops out over the horizon. Which, by the way, is appearing in conjunction with the crescent moon in the Western sky and is rocking my world.

So, not to be all repetitive, but I am still wondering what your policy is on both chores and allowance (I see them as mutually exclusive, but both are hot household topics lately). The kids currently have one small daily chore and do a fair amount of spontaneous helping, at least until an elk skull comes out. I’m feeling like they’re both old enough (4 and 6) to take part more and curious what is working for you.

Also, allowance. If your kids get allowance, are they allowed to spend it on whatever sparkly, China-made doodad strikes their fancy? Can they earn extra money by doing something extra around the house?

Would you mind responding on chores and allowance back here, on this post? You guys are the best. Thank you for your collective wisdom!

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