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FAQ’s and contact me

1) Who writes this blog?

My name is Rachel Turiel. I am a mother, wife, freelance-writer, yogurt-maker, roadkill-eater, garden-grower, homestead-tender. I am a regular contributor to Edible San Juan Mountains, NPR “Earth Notes,” The Durango Herald and Mamalode. My work has been published in Literary Mama, Mountain Gazette, Inside/Outside Southwest, Rhythm of the Home, Bugle Magazine, Traditional Bowhunter, Joy Magazine, The Durango Telegraph, and in the book “A New Plateau,” and more. I write a biweekly column on parenting in the Durango Herald. I also teach writing classes.

2) How do you pronounce Col?

My son’s name rhymes with “soul;” it is a geological term meaning “mountain pass.”

3) What’s this 6512?

6512 feet is the elevation at which we live in the Southern Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

4) Do you teach online writing classes?

Not at this point. But if you’re local, here’s the scoop on my writing classes.

5) Sometimes you talk about homeschooling your kids, sometimes you talk about school, I’m confused.

Both kids participate in a program where they go to public school 2 days/week, and learn at home (and in the big awesome world) the rest of the week. We also are part of a wonderful homeschool co-op, in which the kids rotate through each family’s house weekly. More on that here.

More questions? Email me at sanjuandrive(at)frontier(dot)net

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  1. December 1, 2011 10:43 pm

    Hey, Rachel,
    Thanks for the great writing class. I’m sure going to miss it. I’ll keep up with you on your blog. The address for mine is Hope you enjoy it. Paula

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